Animal Hair Products

Horse Tail Hair

Our horse tail hair are from north of china,Mongolia,Siberia.Our worker pick up the hair by hand 1 time to 5 up times.Moreover, we also initiated a new way that the white bow hair was wrapped with paper in order to prevent living bundle prints in the hair..... Read More ➝

Goat Hair

We offer various goat hair. Goat hair is mainly used as writing brush material, also for other uses. We process goat hair of different color and quality for your choice.....Read More ➝

Horse hair mixed PP

horse hair mixed PP is mainly used for brush fiber.....Read More ➝

Horse Tail/Mane Hair Weft And Strip

Besides full size of dressed horse tail hair, we also supply horsehair wefting/strip, dressed horse mane hair and other horse hair products......Read More ➝

Curled Horse Hair

100% curled horse hair is used for padding.for example mattress,pillow,chair and upholstery filling.It is good at ventilation......Read More ➝

Horsehair Fabric, For Industrial Use

We produce horsehair fabric for lining cloth and industrial decoration. In this page, we mainly introduce detail specification and illustrated photos of our latest designs of horsehair fabrics for industrial use......Read More ➝

Horsetail whisk

Horsetail whisk is used to be not only a token of Taoism, but also a tool to brush away the flies, mosquitoes. This whisk is made of horsetail, tied with nylon thread on the bottom of handle......Read More ➝

Animal Fine Hair

We process and supply various animal fine hair, such as yellow weasel tail hair, raccoon hair, bagder hair, main used for cosmetics......Read More ➝

Horsehair fabric, for lining cloth

We produce horsehair fabric for cloth-making and industrial decoration use.Characteristics of horsehair fabric for lining cloth: Non-shrinking, good at flexibility, softness and stiffness. Ideal good quality lining cloth for making top grade clothing......Read More ➝

Violin Bow Hair

Our horse tail hair for bow using is all natural color, unbleached, and we wash the hair in the water with no any chemical drugs. So the quality is very good for your bows....Read More ➝

Horse Mane Hair

We supply several colors :mainly white, black, mixed, brown, grey, sorrel, dyed and so on, and various size :mainly 4-12" Use: Making False Hair Hair Extensions,brush and decorate....Read More ➝

Horse Root Tail Hair

We supply several colors :mainly white, black, mixed, brown, grey and so on, and various size :mainly 2-15"... Read More ➝
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